Utility payments solutions (Prepaid Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Postpaid Bills, Electricity Bills) with Micro ATM

Did you ever imagine a vegetable vendor or a street-side ‘chaatwala’ or an auto driver accepting digital payments via smartphones, UPI or QR codes? Thanks to the demonetization, every person in India now knows the benefits of cashless transactions and are fearlessly using them for everyday business payments.

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in India, customers are wary of unnecessary touching of places and cash and moving towards cashless transactions in urban as well as rural India. Customers want to avoid the risk of infection at multiple instances through the process of withdrawing, handling and exchanging cash. A cashless transaction is best in such a situation.

At Fastpay Payments, we want to progressively move towards taking services closer to rural customers. Our banking services include customer registration, doorstep banking and biometric-based authentication systems. This engagement helps customers in remote and rural areas, complete transactions such as cash withdrawal, check balance, utility payments, travel bookings, hotel booking etc.

Micro-ATMs allows customers to deposit or withdraw funds regardless of the bank in which their account is. Varying from bank to bank, the micro-ATM allows for biometric identification (via Aadhaar), use of debit and RuPay cards, or the mobile phone number, to access your bank account.

List of Utility bills which can be paid using Fastpay services are:

● Electricity bill
● Municipality related payments
● Water bill
● Telephone landline bill
● Gas Pipeline bill
● Insurance Premium
● Broadband Recharge
● Prepaid Mobile Recharge
● DTH Recharge
● Postpaid Mobile Bills

Benefits of becoming Fastpay Retailer/Distributor/Super Distributor

● Earn extra by being a Retailer with Fastpay
● Offer all the banking and digital services to customers in rural/remote areas
● Get equipped with a wide range of cashless and digital services
● Be partners with the leaders in technology and payment systems
● Sell digital services and earn lucrative commissions
● Accept and send electronic payments
● Utility payments