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Join Fastpay: Become our merchant partner

Lakhs of Indians are scanning their fingerprints and withdrawing cash, paying bills and booking tickets through local grocery stores every day through biometric-enabled payment channels from their bank accounts linked with Aadhar to fulfil their cash needs.

Fastpay offers a compelling solution while adding value to all their stakeholders – Super distributors, Distributors, Retailers, Customers, Service providers and Merchants. Fastpay gives the exclusive business opportunity to super distributors for partnership. Super distributors could be anyone from the rural as well as urban areas in the country who are willing to provide Fastpay services like banking services, bill payments, recharge services, utility services, travel booking and accommodation booking for customers. You do not need a physical set up to provide these services to customers.

Super distributors will engage retailers to join the Fastpay services. For every successful bill payment or travel booking done, Super distributor will earn commission by transferring the balance to retailers in their area. With more retailers joining in, the transactions will increase and ultimately more commissions.

Fastpay Distributorship offers our merchant partners to further partner with Retailers who will promote Fastpay services like banking services, bill payments, mobile recharge, travel booking, etc. under the Fastpay Distributor model. The merchants have the opportunity to earn commissions by transferring the trading balance to retailers in their areas. The more retailers that join you, will increase the number of transactions which will further give rise to commissions.

With Fastpay, distributors receive good commissions as well support from the head office. Here are some of the advantages of becoming a Super distributor:

● Great commission rates
● Hassle free service
● Support team from head office
● Enormous increase in sales
● No set-up or maintenance cost
● Efficient and faster payment realization
● Online MIS reports
● Enhanced customer convenience
● Live transactions and real-time updation