Become a Fastpay Retailer and ern extra: Everything you need to know

Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) is a service that is provided by us to transfer money from one account to another in any part of the country.

It is now possible to earn extra with Fastpay. Fastpay allows domestic money transfer, money withdrawal and even ticket bookings through a safe channel across India. Money transfer is allowed to account anywhere in India to any bank account or to clients without a bank account.

With Fastpay, anyone can become a retailer. You can either add extra income to your store or start earning from day one by becoming a Fastpay retailer. Our goal is to push micro-entrepreneurship in rural and remote areas by creating such avenues. We use Aadhar enabled technology that enables retailers to convert their shops into mini ATMs and earn commissions.

In the post pandemic scenario where customers are more and more careful about safety, it is the most sane decision to add digital solutions like mPOS which is a handy device that can be used for payment of essential items.

Fastpay offers a great service for shop owners to become retailers with digital, financial and business solutions such that each small business and retail store can use technology to expand their business offerings. Fastpay aids the existing business of store owners by helping in inventory management and also helps to identify buying behaviour of customers which in turn helps in forecasting demand and offering discounts.

Another problem that unorganised retailers face is the inefficient utilisation of space available in the store. Fastpay aims at introducing products/ services and partnerships wherein the retailer can leverage its current space. Thus by partnering with Fastpay, the retail store reinvents itself with a technological edge, new products; better-utilised resources while retaining the personal connection. The current services offered by Fastpay are affordable and effective.

In the rural areas, which supposedly have 15 million retail stores digital solutions are being accepted and are even becoming more popular for ease. This is a great opportunity for retail owners in rural and remote areas to become independent, and become a Fastpay retailer. We want to bridge the gap between rural development by bringing digital solutions to the conventional business model. It is time to make use of digital technology like never before and support #VocalforLocal.

Advantages of becoming a Fastpay retailer

● Become an agent of change by become a Fastpay Retailer
● Earn upto Rs. 1 lakh on commissions per month
● Increase your customers by offering services such as ticket booking, railway booking, hotel booking, money transfers and micro ATM.
● Partner with cashless and digital services
● Convert your store into a mini ATM