Money transfer solutions on the go

In today’s digital world, banks are struggling to maintain digital demands. Customers expect smart digital banking that is available across channels and tailored to their immediate needs. They want banking services to work instantly like the apps they use for shopping.

Aadhaar card is one of the most mandatory documents for applying for a passport. You won’t be able to get your passport without Aadhaar.

There has been a growing need for instant payment mechanisms. Customers today have become aggressive in regards to efficiency of payment methods and therefore there is a demand for greater payment mobility and flexibility. The traditional RTGS and NEFT methods are just not enough. Customers expect multiple channels for making payments and as a result, instantaneous payment systems using ATM, kiosk, mobile and online channels have evolved.

Banks have faced several challenges and are unable to keep up with the demands especially in remote and rural areas. Challenges include efficiently delivering their products and services to the customers. In fact, the most important challenge of a bank is how to efficiently reach the customer, with the right product or service, at the right time. Today, they can choose between branches, contact centers, ATMs, online channels, portals and web banks.

Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) is a payment method that can be described as the perfect answer as the distribution channel. EFTPOS is a system by which the clients pay for the services using points. This system is very used when shopping, travelling, buying tickets. In a society where time is money, there has been a huge request from the customers for more accessible distribution channels. The computers and the mobile phones were the best choice.

As a result the banks have made considerable investments in the development of services that are not based in the branch and which are accessible through the Internet or mobiles phones. The development of electronic distribution channels has resulted in the appearance of a new concept: the virtual bank. This is the bank where the contact can be reached by a large variety of distribution channels, but maintaining the same interface and having access to the same services.

We at Fastpay bring the Digital business of micropayments and financial inclusion solutions. We provide better banking connectivity by digitizing financial transactions. We use Bharat QR and UPI for our financial services which include not just money transfer but also:

● Aadhaar
● SMS payment
● Utility payment
● Prepaid Cards
● Mutual Funds
● Insurance

Our innovative solutions are modelled to make the financial transactions seamless, quick, easy and strives to empower our retailer partners. Some of the benefits are:

● Processing of payment transactions in self-service mode.
● Secure payment mode.
● Banking access provided round-the-clock through access to ATM, kiosk, online or mobile.
● Instantaneous transfer of funds to the registered beneficiary.